This is my 14th weekly report, the last one of 2020!

Weekly contributions




I joined the cafecoder-dev team to help develop CafeCoder, which provides a programming contest service. Its judge system often doens't work due to the reasons that are still unknown. So the dev team made a decision to rewrite the system in Rust from the Golang that is currently used. I hope I'm going to help this replacement to achieve its goal.


2020 is almost over. The more ages I get, the shorter I feel that one year passes.

This year is very important in my life.

First off, I started to contribute to OSS partly because COVID-19 has stopped me from going outside. Contributing gives me things from which I learn a lot. Every day I experience how world-wide OSSes are developed by so many great developers. It's really exciting to work with competent and enthusiastic people. Furthermore, participating in OSS development is just a lot of fun for me!

Second, I changed my job in November, from a big company to a relatively small company. In the new company, I'm surrounded by respectable developers, which makes me feel I have to grow more as a developer. Next year, I will do my best to make our product even more useful for users.

See you next year, and happy holidays!