This is my 23rd weekly report.

Weekly contributions






My new house has been determined! I'm going to move there at the end of this month. I'm enjoying planning to buy lots of furniture that I'll need there. In particular, I plan to make the environment around my computer really comfortable to work with. I won't put any limitation on how much I'll pay for a new chair. When I find an excellent one, I won't hesitate to get it no matter how much it is.

I'm pretty worried about the quality of the Internet connection in the new house. It's provided for free, so I suspect that all the residents fight over narrow network bandwidth. I'm asking the management company if I'm allowed to pick a different network than the existing one.

After moving, I'll start to take an online English conversation lesson. I really want to be able to communicate with people around the world verbally. I'll do my best to achieve it.