This is my 13th weekly report.

Weekly contributions




Recently I've started to think about studying English more eagerly to improve its skills. I know I have enough skills to read and write, if not fluently. But when it comes to listening and speaking, I cannot help saying my skills are terrible. A lot of Japanese people, including me, tend to be poor at speaking and listening to English, although they are kind of good at reading. As a software engineer, reading English must be essential to keep up with the latest information about technology. Additionally, I think communicating with developers all over the world is also necessary to make myself be more competent. Staying at domestic communities feels comfortable but it might prevent me from being a great programmer. I want to see and learn a lot from a world-scale development project.

For now, I plan to take English conversation lessons, "DMM英会話". It's one of the most popular English conversations lesson service in Japan. I hope it will help me be used to oral English communication.